Our services

Winnipeg Plumbing

Winnipeg plumber ZS repair Canada provides all kinds of plumbing services to the people of Winnipeg. We do residential and commercial both plumbing. If you want to fit sink, bath tub or any pipes, we provide the most cheapest rate than any other plumbing company in Winnipeg

Air conditioning and heating

Winnipeg air conditioning and heating company Zs repair Canada also serves Heating and air conditioning service. Any kind of problem that belongs to heating and air conditioning, our heating and air conditioning department will take care of it. We promise to our customers that we will charge most cheapest rate than any other air conditioning and heating company in Winnipeg

Boiler installation

Apart from all services that ZS repair Canada provides to the Winnipeg customers, we also do the boiler installation within very cheap rate. We recommend our customers to check out with us before going anywhere because we serve not just better but best. ZS repair Canada is now one of the most popular air conditioning and heating company in Winnipeg.


If you need you kitchen to be repair or if want to furnish your house or any other services that belongs to carpentry please contact to us. Winnipeg carpentry company ZS repair Canada performs all carpentry services. We as the carpentry company of Winnipeg. promised to provide the most cheapest rate and will make you satisfy with our work . Just contact us and you will get the estimate of your work and it's our gurantee that you will be our next customer. We provide best staff of plumbing and carpenter in Winnipeg

Electric services

Winnipeg electric company ZS Repairs provides all kinds of electric services in Winnipeg. We serve our beloved customers with our full efforts.